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重型高脉冲多层钢丝缠绕液压胶管( 6000PSI )

SAE 100 R15   重型高脉冲多层钢丝缠绕液压胶管( 6000PSI )
Recommended For: Extremely high pressure, high impulse hydraulic applications such as hydrostatic transmissions.This hose is designed to meet all requirements of SAE 100R 15 specifications and performance requirements of EN 856 4SP(-6,-8,-10 and - 12), EN856 4SH(- 12, - 16 and -20). Compatible with biodegradable hydraulic fluids like synthetic esters, polyglycols and vegetable oils as well as petroleum- based fluids.
Inner tube: Black, oil resistant, synthetic rubber.
Reinforcement: four or six alternating layers of spiraled high-tensile steel wire (six for 1 1/4"”,1 1/2”).
Cover: Black, oilproof synthetic rubber
Temperature range: -40 ℉ to +250 ℉ (-40°C to +121°C)
推荐:超高压和高脉冲液压管路,如静液压传动。该系列软管在适用性能上超过SAE 100R15, EN 856 4SP (-6,-8,-10和-12) , EN856 4SH (-12, -16和-20)中规定的要求,适用流体为可生物降解的液压流体,如:合成酯,聚乙1醇、植物油以及石油基流体。
增强层:四层(1 1/4"”,1 1/2”为六层)高强度钢丝交互式缠绕。
工作温度范围:-40 ℉ to +250 ℉ (-40°C to +121°C)